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Book Review: Hunter

I was very lucky to stumble across Sarai Henderson‘s novel paranormal YA thriller Hunter for multiple reasons. First, I was able to read a brand new book that was actually going to be on my TBR pile anyway, and second, I got to…
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Over 100 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books for 0.99 Sep 3-4, Including CRIMSON SKY!

Crimson Sky is part of a massive promo! For this weekend only, you can get it and hundreds of other science fiction and fantasy novels for 0.99 on virtually any retailer. This deal is amazing, so don’t miss out! Click on the image below…
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Sunday Snippet: “You’re the one I need most.”

Whew! Another three day weekend has arrived! And good lord do I need it. I pride myself in being diligent when it comes to deadlines and email replies, but I’ve been running out of time for them lately. More on…
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