Sunday Snippet: “One of them recognized Sawyer…”

Midnight Sky has now been released! There has been a lot of great feedback about the second novel in the Dark Sky series, and I’m so grateful for all the bloggers and reviewers who have and are continuing to help me promote this sequel. You’re all amazing! Now, onto the Weekend Writing Warriors snippet. Anyone wondering why the tavern fight started in the first place? Sawyer’s first mate and best friend has the answer. Note: This snippet contains some spoilers from Crimson Sky, book one… :

“One of them recognized Sawyer as a Kendric,” Nash explained. “The Rattails were old rivals of the Wanderers. They had some bad run-ins with Davin, and… well.”

Nash shrugged, but he was just as uneasy as the rest of us. Ever since the fall of the Behemoth, no one had seen or heard from the Hellions. But with the old marauder Clans returning to the surface, tensions became high. The Wanderers were once the most feared marauder crew in all of Westraven because of stonehearted Captain Robertson Kendric’s and his eldest son, the cruel ravager known as Davin Kendric.

Sawyer’s father and older brother.

And there you have it! As a side note, Nash’s prequel novella, Amber Sky, is coming soon! I know that my newsletter subscribers are waiting for their freebie (and if you sign up, you get a copy, too! *points to the right*). The first draft of the cover should be coming in next week, and I’m hoping the final edits will be done before I go on my writers retreat/vacation on August 13. If not, I’ll be working on it during that time and will have ebook copies ready to send out. I’ll also be setting up my own blog tour (it’s a novella so I don’t want to invest too much money in it, and to be fair, I should understand how the whole process works to do it myself) for bloggers to help with come the release in October. But of course, that’s all far away. Right now, I’m working on promoting Midnight Sky and the Dark Sky series as much as I can!

2016-290 eBook Amy Braun, Midnight Sky

There are secrets, there are betrayals, and there are sacrifices…

The Behemoth has been destroyed, and the bloodthirsty Hellions seem to have left Westraven. But Claire Abernathy’s mind is not at ease. A terrible disease plagues her sister, appearing to have been brought on the Vesper, the leader of the Hellions beyond the tear between worlds– the Breach.

To save Abby and stop the Hellions for good, Claire must find the machine her parents built before the attacks, and fix it before the monsters return. To do so, she needs the help of her crew, and must ignore the secrets and rivalries between her captain and the man she saved.

Because the Hellions are not the only dangers following Claire. Twisted humans and old enemies surface to stop her and destroy all she loves. While she is determined to endure the trials, a single betrayal could shatter the hope of a better world, and force Claire to make a choice that will cost her dearly…

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If you’re like me and have to read a series in order, now is your chance to get Crimson Sky for 0.99 Kindle and Kobo!

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Author Interview with Amy Braun



So… You thought that was the end of the post, huh? Nope. If you’ve read this far, you might be wondering what I’m up to with the three other projects I’m working on now. Yup. Three. To be fair, one of them is Amber Sky, which I’m pretty excited about. I’ll be working on the edits over the next week or so, and the cover and synopsis reveal should happen in a week or two. I had a lot of fun telling a new story from a beloved side character, and would love to hear feedback from the subscribers who will get the novella for free soon!

I’m also working on the edits for one of my full length projects, which I’m still keeping under wraps for now… since I intend to send it to literary agents before I go on my writers retreat/vacation. I’m excited and nervous. I know this is the next step for me and will be releasing the novel spring 2017 if all fails, but this is unfamiliar territory for me. Has anyone else ever tried a literary agent? Biggest question: What advice do you have about query letters (that was partly where I failed last time I tried this).

At the same time, I’m finishing the rough draft of another full length project. It’s a complete mess and I didn’t do enough initial planning (partly because I don’t know how the series is plotted out quite yet– another project for the vacation), and now the entire romance has changed: I eliminated an unneccesary character and gender-swapped the main character, who is now a female. It’s weird writing the last three chapters of a novel as a female since I wrote the first 26 with a male voice, but this is what all first drafts are, right? Literally throwing stuff on a page and saying “I’ll get back to that later” while moving to the end. I have lots of work with this project, but I love the ideas of it, the characters, and the story itself. I’m super excited to continue and see where it leads. If Project One doesn’t make it to an agent, I’m hoping this one, Project Two, will.

So that’s the latest! I won’t be reporting in next Sunday because my vacation will be starting, and I’ll be exhausting my phone with data as I try to keep up with the blog tours happening in my absence (I didn’t plan the dates for the vacation, or take other vacations into account). In the meantime, I encourage all guests unfamiliar with the Weekend Writing Warriors to check out their blogs, websites, and books. I’m not promoting them just to be nice. There are some truly amazing talents here and I guarantee there will be something new and exciting for you to read and enjoy.



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