Path of the Horseman

Path of the Horseman
I was letting it all go, releasing every ounce of disease and poison inside of me. At my core, that’s what I was. A virus, capable of infecting and destroying anything I wanted to. I didn’t care how much power I was losing. I wanted my enemy to look out of his safehouse and see I was here. Let him see what I was capable of, and know what a huge mistake he had made.
This was what it felt like to be unstoppable.

The Four Horseman are trapped in the world they desolated. Their only purpose now is to exist amongst the ruins. All of that changes with a small group of survivors…

The seal was broken, and Hell was unleashed. Pestilence, Famine, War, and Death rode over the earth, creating a super-virus that turned humans into bloodthirsty monsters, opening a path for demons, decimating nearly all natural life, causing chaos and death throughout the world.

Now that their duties have been preformed, the Four Horsemen have disbanded, reduced to human bodies and trapped in the world they destroyed. No longer the Horseman Pestilence, Avery wanders through the waste he created, slaying any undead monsters and demons that cross his path. But when Avery comes across a group of survivors looking for a safe haven, his priorities begin to change. Not that the demons are going to let him stand in the way of their plans.

Avery ended the world once, and he refuses to see the demons end it again. But to protect the last of the living, he must seek the help of his brothers, all of whom are content with sitting back and watching the world burn…

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