New Release: The DARK SKY Collection (and another GIVEAWAY!)

It’s now, finally, officially, over. Yes, the Dark Sky series has come to an end with this box set. Am I sad? A little bit. I’m gonna miss Claire. Sawyer, Gemma, Nash, Abby, and a couple new characters introduced in Obsidian Sky. But though this series has brought me so much joy and helped me grow as an author (still stunned that Michael J. Sullivan featured it on his website last year), all good things must come to an end. So here it is, the details on this final collection!

In the post-apocalyptic steampunk-fantasy setting of DARK SKY, a young engineer who struggles to repair a failure of the past, and to ensure a safe future for those she loves by freeing it from hellish monsters bent on revenge…

Ten years ago, vampiric beasts called Hellions invaded the city of Westraven and decimated it with fangs, claws, and cannon-fire. Now, survivors live underground and sustain themselves with the scraps left behind, often under the cruel fist of self-made leaders and grounded sky-pirates. Living under such rule is Claire, a talented young engineer working only to ensure e a life for her sister, Abigail. When Abby is kidnapped by the Hellions, Claire becomes desperate and finds herself allying with marauders– hot-tempered pirates equally as dangerous as the Hellions themselves.

As Claire forges a shaky relationship with them and their cynical young captain, she unearths truths about her past she could never have imagined, and realizes that the only way to protect those she loves is by challenging the Hellions head-on, an endeavour that could see the end of the Hellions once and for all, or secure their reign once and for all…

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Now is definitely the time to snap up the collection, as it’s going back up to its regular $12.99 price on April 23! That said, be on the lookout for more contests and promotions coming soon! Thanks so much to everyone who believed in this series and helped it become what it is today! You’re amazing!

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  1. Cee Mac

    sounds a fun series

  2. Latifa Morrisette

    Love the giveaway! Excited to read these!


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