NaNoWriMo Adventures Begin: Announcing A New Novel!

October is over! I’m a little sad about this, because autumn is my favourite season and I loooooove Halloween. I literally spent the whole day looking like this:

But now it’s November, which means it’s time for my other favourite season: NaNoWriMo! Also known as National Novel Writing Month. This month, my goal is to write 50,000 new words, or an entire novel. I’ve participated for the last four years and made the 50K no problem, but this year will be a bit of a challenge, because I’m doing a rewrite.

It’s the first in a Young Adult Fantasy series and is called Granite & Ghosts, and the rough pitch is:

Game of Thrones meets Throne of Glass with Gargoyles as the ruling race, and a mysterious young woman who bands together with other outcasts to preform an impossible heist for items that will change the course of the universe. 

I’m super excited about it and have spent most of October doing in-depth world building. If you follow me on Pinterest, you can check out the board for the series, which will be called The Gargoyle Courts. I’ve wanted to write about Gargoyles for years, and NaNoWriMo seems like the perfect time to do it. As soon as the project is done, I’ll be working on the edits and sending it to literary agents and publishers with higher than realistic hopes.

In other news, if you follow my Weekend Writing Warrior snippets every Sunday, you know that I’m also working on self-publishing an urban fantasy story called Storm of the Gods, which is the first in another new series (loose pitch: Percy Jackson meets the Supernatural TV series) currently being edited. I’ll be working on getting the artwork, blog tours, release dates, promos, etc. around December, so that book will be coming out in 2018 and will have a much larger release than what I’ve done in the past, as it’s a story I’ve had with me for years and I want to share it with as many people as I can.

So that’s what’s coming down the line in the next couple months! I’ll do another update around Black Friday when I put all my ebooks on sale (spoiler alert!), and as always, will post on my website on Sundays. Until then, stay warm as winter creeps forward and keep eating leftover Halloween candy!



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