I’m very excited to announce the official release of Ghosts, Gears, and Grimoires, a short story collection from Mocha Memoirs Press featuring a variety of steampunk horror and supernatural stories. My own short story, Engineered Deceit, will be featured in the anthology. Fans of the Dark Sky series will be able to enjoy a short story told from Sawyer’s perspective (I had a great time writing it and will be looking forward to hearing feedback) as he faces a bizarre enemy, even for his world.




As with any release, I’m always up for promotion. I’m happy to offer an ebook of Amber Sky as part of the Virtual Tea happening on Sunday! It’s going to be a lot fun and I’m excited to take part in it. I’ll also be doing some giveaways outside of the release, but there will be more on those in the next couple weeks. If you’re eager to know now, sign up for my newsletter (the panel on the right side of the page under the social media buttons, at least until I can further refine the signup page) to get exclusive details and free copy of Amber Sky just for being cool! The end of the year is going to have a lot going on, and I’m very excited to start all of it!



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