Book Reviews

Book Review: Unraveled

I’m not a huge fan of Westerns. They’re just not my thing. But when my favourite urban fantasy heroine shares my view and gets into her own Western themed adventure? Count me in! Jennifer Estep‘s latest Elemental Assassin novel, Unraveled, takes place in…
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Book Review: Hidden Blade

Pippa DaCosta became one of my new favourite authors when I read Beyond the Veil, the first in The Veil series, in a free urban fantasy collection called Gods and Mortals. So when I saw the cover for Hidden Blade, the newest book in…
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Book Review: Hunter

I was very lucky to stumble across Sarai Henderson‘s novel paranormal YA thriller Hunter for multiple reasons. First, I was able to read a brand new book that was actually going to be on my TBR pile anyway, and second, I got to…
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