Book Review: The Heartstone Thief

Who doesn’t love it when their favourite authors try something new? Pippa DaCosta‘s latest standalone novel, The Heartstone Thiefis solid fantasy, and a story that’s filled with heart, adventure, and emotion. It was a truly great read, and is absolutely worth buying in its anthology, hardback, or paperback form.

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In the City of Brea, thieves and sorceresses do not mix.

When Curtis Vance—professional thief—stumbles into a sorceress’s trap, he’d prefer to kill her than help her. Now bound to the insane sorceress, his only escape (and chance to turn a profit) is to find the long forgotten Dragon Eye gem. Little does Vance know, the Dragon Eye holds more than the key to Vance’s freedom. The Eye could awaken a devastating power—a worldkiller bent on destruction, and Vance is all that stands in its way.


A great, heart-wrenching novel with tension, romance, awesome dialogue, and drama throughout. I was very curious about how this novel would unfold, and it had me on the edge of my seat more than once. It’s clear that DaCosta loves this book and its characters. You can sense it in virtually every sentence and the way she presents the charming rogue Curtis Vance.

The two main characters, doomed to be magnetized to each other, were stellar. Vance is everything I love in a fantasy rogue: charming, snarky, clever, quick, haunted, and at times, vulnerable. He comes a long way in his story and I was so proud of him by the end. Equally, Shianna was a literal force of nature. Badass, tragic, and unpredictable, I never knew what to expect from her. While such wildness drove Vance crazy, it was a lot of fun for me to read about.

There was tons of action, including all sorts of monster battles. I almost wish there was more with the mages, but honestly, I really liked how everything in this story fit together. It was fun, suspenseful, and had an emotional ending. This is an author’s labour of love, and is definitely worth picking up if you enjoy fun, passionate fantasy stories!


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