Book Review: Seamus’s Mate

Seeing as earlier this week I was given the chance to host paranormal romance author Elyzabeth M. VaLey on the blog to promote her new, sexy Alpha Protectors sequel, Seamus’s MateI thought it would make sense to also post the review for it. I’ve truly enjoyed her books and was very excited to read this new one, which is just as steamy, intense, and detailed as its predecessor, Reine’s Salvation. A must have for any paranormal romance lovers. Note: I received this book in exchange for an honest review, but that in no way alters my opinion.

Kaila is His. His mate. Forever.

When Seamus discovers Kaila is in danger he sets out to save her. He couldn’t care less that she doesn’t want him there. His objective in life is to love and protect her. Besides, she might refuse to be with him, but her body knows better. With both their lives on the line, she can’t say no to his aid, can she?

For years, she has ignored her feelings. Kaila’s mission was supposed to be easy: enter the demon’s lair and save her sister. Then, he came along. For close to twenty years she has been fighting against the mating pull. She has avoided Seamus at all costs, but now they’re both trapped in hell and she has nowhere to run, except, maybe, into his arms.

I really enjoyed this sexy, fun, creative, and emotional roller coaster. We’re launched right into the story when Guardian Seamus is sent to stop his mate, Kaila, from getting into trouble with a deadly, tricky Sin––Sloth. Kaila, being determined to save her sister from a terrible fate (and stubborn when it comes to the man she can’t seem to forget), is hardly going to let a macho guy like Seamus stand in her way. Soon enough, they’re stuck together and will have to co-operate in order to escape a tricky version of Hell. Easier said than done, given then tension and lust between them. 

The story was well paced, exciting, and creative. As with VaLey’s previous novellas, there is a hidden double meaning in the story that comes to light the more you read, a great piece of craft that adds even more layers to the story. While I really like the world building and the thrilling action scenes, it’s the chemistry between the two characters that gives the story it’s power.

Seamus is the pinnacle of an Alpha male. Tough, steadfast, and more than a little arrogant, he’s immovable when it comes to protecting Kaila and being dominant in their physical relationship. However, Kaila is no shrinking violet, and I would argue that on a whole, she was stronger than Seamus. She was no slouch in combat (seriously, I would want her on my side in a fight any day), she’s highly intelligent, and she has no problem putting Seamus in his place when he gets too manly-man. The romance is vivid and erotic as hell (no pun intended), and the emotion at the end might send readers reeling. It’s fantastic, and I can’t wait to read more books in this series.

Be sure to check out Elyzabeth’s blog post to learn more about Seamus’s Mate and Elyzabeth’s other books!


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  1. Elyzabeth M. VaLey

    Thank you, Amy! I’m really happy you enjoyed it! <3

    1. amybraunauthor (Post author)

      You’re welcome. 😀


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