Book Review: Fall of the Titan

I’ve been patiently waiting for Fall of the Titan, book five in The Desolate Empire series by Christina Ochs. How could I not, with my favourite character returning to grace the cover? The wait was worth it. The fifth book is just as engaging, provoking, clever, intense, and tragic as its predecessors. I’ve become readily addicted to these books, and from the beginning, it’s clear why. If you like your fantasy with a little less magic and a little more plotting and conspiring, this is the series you need to read now.

Two great generals clash in a battle that will change the continent’s fate.

Only one will survive the encounter.

His family in danger, and eager to defeat Teodora once and for all, Lennart puts everything he’s fought for at risk while his friends worry that his luck might be about to run out …

Teodora’s experiments with dark magic have left her stronger and more vital than ever. But these gifts come at a price, one she is unable to pay as madness threatens to overtake her. Horrified by her mother’s transformation, Elektra plays the dutiful daughter. But when her plans go awry, she is forced into an unthinkable alliance.

Reeling from her latest defeat, Gwynneth struggles to find purpose, even as the tide of war sweeps her relentlessly in its path. Her daughter Maryna makes her way back to her family through many dangers while her friendship with Anton deepens into something forbidden.

Trystan accompanies Natalya back to her home. But upon their return they find a threat greater than any they have faced so far.

Braeden is tired. He’s had enough of war, and now seeks to bring those he cares about close to him and to safety. The conflict has other plans for him and he finds himself orchestrating a risky betrayal that could change the course of the war.

The stakes rise and culminate in a vast battle with a faith-shattering outcome in Book Five of the Desolate Empire Series.


I’ve missed all these characters (especially you, Braeden!), and was thrilled to dive back into their world and watch them all interact with the stakes of an upcoming battle against a formidable opponent. The story was very good, filled with more plotting and intrigue than flat out action. Yet, as always, it was the characters who really draw me into this series. Braeden is and always will be my favourite, but I really enjoyed Trystan’s point of views, as well as Marnya’s especially when her relationship with Anton came into the picture. Elektra continues to be a very engaging and unique character, and while I can’t strictly sympathize with her, Teodora’s situation is becoming even more insane. Of course, there was plenty of tragedy (I don’t know how much more I can take!) and the epilogue left me biting my nails by the last few paragraphs. I love these books and can’t recommend them enough. The writing is truly phenomenal and because of the way the story is told, it stands out from many current fantasy projects. Definitely check this one out!

For more on Christina and The Desolate Empire series, be sure to stop by her website on Weekend Writing Warriors for exclusive snippets and updates! Happy reading!


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