Amber Sky, A Dark Sky Prequel Novella

Amber Sky– Dark Sky Book 0.25.

2016-441 Amy Braun,Amber Sky 0,25The tip of his cutlass nearly skewered my throat.

He stood there, fully dressed in his Marauder gear, all of his weapons buckled tightly to his body, the bruises and scrapes on his face and body adding to his dangerous appearance. Sawyer’s eyes were hard and burning, no hint of mercy to be found in them.

I sighed. “Guess I shouldn’t be surprised,” I grumbled.

He smirked, making his gold eyes spark with trouble. “Guess you shouldn’t be.”

Press-ganged into servitude by a ruthless band of marauders who survived the devastating Storm, Nash has grown tired of his career– the young, undefeated champion of the Stray Dog fighting pits. All he longs for is a place to live where his family is not his enemy.

When his captain gives him an assignment to embed him deeper into the crew, Nash attempts to refuse, until the life of his friend is threatened. Determined to save her, Nash embarks on the mission to subjugate and control a supplier. But the supplier has other clients, one of which could be the son of the most feared pirate captain in all of Westraven. 

And if Nash plays his cards right, the key to his deeply desired freedom, if he can live with the consequences of his choice…

Set two years before the events of CRIMSON SKY, this prequel novella tells the story of how Nash and Sawyer crossed paths– and fists. While best enjoyed before reading CRIMSON SKY, this bonus story can be read at any time or enjoyed as a standalone.

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